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Arunachal - A Profile >> Tourism Policy
Vision Statement
To develop the tourism industry as an Engine of Growth in Arunachal Pradesh. To harness the Potential of tourism for the Benefit of the natives.

Mission Statement
The policy seeks to:
  • Maximize the positive benefits of tourism.
  • Introduce key ideas and actions for the development and management of tourism.
Objectives of the Policy
The policy shall have the following objectives:
  • Suitable planning for sustainable development of tourism.
  • Protection of its heritage (natural, cultural as well as traditions and values of the people of the state).
  • Reduction of poverty by ensuring revenue capture by the local community.
  • Capacity building and creation of mechanisms in support of small and medium enterprises.
  • Formulation of strategies that will exploit opportunities and potential of the state.
  • Ensuring development policies including public works and transportation,( bus and road networks) that support and promote the various attractions of the state.
  • Securing involvement of the largest number of stakeholders in decision-making and resource allocation and utilization.
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