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Festivals form an integral part of the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh. Most of the festivals are celebrated to thank providence for benefits received.

As there are myriad of tribal communities, the festivals are celebrated through out the year in one community or the other.

Animal sacrifices are common in most of the festivals, particularly in the non-Bodic tribes. The festivals have firmly blended with the lifestyle of the people. For some communities like the Mijis these are occasions, which bring all people together, who otherwise remain scattered in far-flung villages.

Different groups celebrate the springtime festivals from January to April. In the celebration of these festivals, the priests assisted by some select male members generally perform the religious rites and sacrifices.

Some of the important festivals celebrated by the people are Solung, Mopin, Losar, Boori Boot, Dree, Nechi Dau, Chalo-loku, Longte Yullo,Ojiale, Reh, Sanken, Si-Donyi, Nyokum -Yullo, and Tamladu.

Music and Dance
Dance and music form an important aspect of celebrations either as an expression of joy or a ritualistic submission to the supremacy of god. Though both men and women participate in a vast array of dances, there are some ritualistic dances, which are performed only by the male.

The monastic dance or the chaams, performed by the lamas is a stunning spectacle of colour, movement and sound woven so intricately that it stuns and lulls the viewer into submission.

Guga, a bamboo string instrument and ujuk tapua a wind instrument made of bottle gourd and reed flutes such as the pupe and tapu are some of the common instruments used by the people. Ponu yoksi is a sword like instrument used during ceremonial dances performed by the priest.

Buddha Mahotsava
The festival celebrated across the state, showcases the ideals of Buddhism, ushering in the much needed values of peace, harmony and tolerance in today's world.

The festival highlights include Monastic Dances, Traditional Tribal Music, Song & Dances, Religious Procession, Food
Festival, Handloom & Handicraft Exhibition, Flower/Horticulture Show, and Adventure Sports like Trekking, Rafting & Hot Air Ballooning, Cultural Nights and other Special Events.

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Siang River Festival
The Siang River Festival aims at projecting the Siang(Brahmaputra) river as a symbol of integrity and communal harmony. It was previously celebrated as Brahmaputra Darshan Festival in Tezu and Pasighat. From this year (2005) it is being celebrated as Siang River festival and it will be celebrated in places like Tuting, Yingkiong and Pasighat in the month of December.
The festival highlights the traditional song and dance of different tribes of the area. Indigenous games and sports like elephant race, traditional boat race, Didi - the mock war game of Mishmis and exhibition of traditional herbal medicines, etc are other important highlights of the grand celebration.

Apart from this an exhibition of handloom and handicrafts by the different districts is also conducted.

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Other Festivals are
District Headquarter Festivals Date & Month (Approx.)
Tawang Tawang Losar 11 February
West Kameng Bomdila Losar 11 February
    Khan Feb / March
East Kameng Seppa Nyokum 26 February
    Gomkum Gompa 15 April
Lower Subansiri Ziro Boori Boot 6 February
    Nyokum 26 February
    Dree 5 July
Upper Subansiri Daporijo Si-Donyi 6 January
    Boori Boot 6 February
    Mopin 5 April
West Siang Along Si-Donyi 6 January
    Solung 1 September
East Siang Pasighat Aran 7 March
    Mopin 5 April
    Solung 1 September
Lohit Tezu Tamladu 15 February
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